ExakTime beats competitors in easy, remote time tracking.


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For ease of use and outstanding customer support every time, get ExakTime.

ExakTime's easy setup, GPS features and Stevie award-winning customer support make us the #1 choice in construction time tracking. 

Features QuickBooks Time
Activate Using company code and PIN. No email required Each user needs an Intuit account
Field Notes
Advanced job and cost coding
Safety Reports
Accounting and Payroll integration 100+ solutions, including QuickBooks QuickBooks plus a few others
Spanish available
Rugged hardware clocks available
'Pro' features such as Geofencing standard Only in Premium version

The features above are just a few of the many powerful features that make ExakTime the best time tracking software for the construction industry. Contact us to learn more.

             We've been in your boots - so we built our solution to be:

Easy to Use

One tap to clock in, one tap to clock out. That’s it.



Avoid data risk, pay disputes, and compliance issues. You’re covered in the cloud.



Streamline your payroll and operational processes, making payday, less of a “mayday”!

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