ExakTime Demo Videos

Watch our app, software, and time clock solutions at work

ExakTime Connect

The ExakTime solution syncs all your time tracking data to the cloud for simple, powerful labor management and oversight from anywhere.

ExakTime Mobile

Our mobile app tracks labor on your smartphone or tablet in real time with GPS precision, advanced management tools, and photo biometrics.

Easy Integration

AccountLinx is our bridge to QuickBooks and any payroll package, for easier payroll syncing—and much faster payroll processing.

ExakTime Mobile - GPS

ExakTime’s convenient GPS-powered app tracks if workers clock in and out on site, and where they travel—but never tracks them off the clock.

Photo ID Verification

Never worry about buddy-punching again. When they clock in and out, we snap a photo with their front-facing camera so you can link workers to hours without a doubt.


Manage your scheduling and time tracking together with ExakTime’s powerful and easy-to-use scheduling tool.

Rugged Time Clocks

ExakTime’s rugged, battery-powered clocks track the hours workers really worked at your roughest job sites—and then sync everything to the cloud.

A Rock Under Pressure

Watch us take on construction's most indestructible time clock with shotgun blasts, sledgehammers and freezing temperatures. Guess who won.

How It Works Animation

This short, fun-filled video about the perils of paper time cards shows how easy it is to leave all the hassle and mess behind with one of our simple time-tracking systems.

Time Tracking & Scheduling


Time tracking and scheduling go hand in hand. ExakTime allows you to manage them together in one easy-to-use, streamlined solution