The construction and contracting industry’s trusted time & attendance partner.

Contractor workforce management done right. 

CCA Members Receive a 10% discount from ExakTime*

ExakTime by Arcoro delivers industry-leading HR solutions for both the field and the office.

ExakTime’s mobile time tracking solutions, like our digital app and rugged time clocks, are used by more than 10,000 construction companies.

With ExakTime, you can:

  • Accurately track time in the field and office
  • App and clock time records sync to cloud software for anywhere access 
  • GPS tracking and facial ID verification help eliminate buddy-punching
  • System syncs with your accounting software for payroll
  • OT reporting and mobile forms for labor law compliance 

ExakTime seamlessly integrates with the systems you’re already using: Sage, Viewpoint, Foundations, Procure, LaborChart, QuickBooks, ADP and more. That means you can focus on completing projects – and your bottom line – instead of paperwork and data entry.

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*10% discount applies to software feeds for new customer contracts or existing customer new module contracts only. Additional discounts do not apply. Subject to verification of current CCA membership. 


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ExakTime Products

ExakTime App or Rugged Time Clock

With the ExakTime Mobile punch clock, clocking in and out is simple. Using their own device, workers just tap green to start and red to clock out, allowing for quick user adoption and increased productivity.

JobClock Hornet rugged wireless time clock provides the durability and reliability you need. Designed for harsh environments, the weatherproof time clock sends workers’ time and activities to the cloud every hour, so you can track anytime, from anywhere.

ExakTime Tracks up to 1 Million Clock-ins a Day for 10,000 Customers

ExakTime Testimonials

“Now I can go into ExakTime whenever I want to see where workers are and if they clocked in on site. It’s a huge time-saver.”

- Laurie Saul Inglis, Advantage Flooring

"We save $50,000 a year, maybe more."

- Cooper Drywall, Knoxville, TN

"ExakTime is a huge money-saver."

- Boone Brothers Roofing, Omaha, NE

How Much Can ExakTime Save Your Business?

The 3 issues of paper time cards that cost businesses are wasted employee time, human error, and overpayment. You start saving with an ExakTime subscription immediately.

Employees Using
Time Cards
with ExakTime*

*15 minutes lost per day, 40 hour week, at an hourly average of $25.

See How Easy ExakTime is to Use

Watch this short video to see how powerful and easy ExakTime is to use. With the ExakTime mobile GPS time and attendance solution, you can track worker clock-in location, manage schedules, lower labor costs, and improve compliance.

HubSpot Video

Simplify Payroll Processing

Payroll processing doesn’t have to be a time-consuming headache. ExakTime’s accurate hours are easily synced to over 100 payroll, ERP, and accounting programs ensuring paychecks are accurate and on time.

ExakTime Integrations