ExakTime is the #1 time and attendance tracking solution for construction.


Workforce management done right.

ExakTime has been the leader in time and attendance tracking for over 20 years in the construction industry. Our powerful app works on any smartphone or tablet, while our battery-powered, rugged clocks can be secured at the job site for fast and easy time tracking.

Our cloud-based time and attendance tracking solution allows companies in high consequence, high compliance industries to easily track their workforces—no matter the conditions.

  • Eliminate costly handwritten paper time cards
  • See who's clocking in with photo ID verification—eliminate buddy punching
  • Prevent lag-time and dishonest clock-ins with GPS tracking and geofencing
  • Automate your timekeeping and streamline your entire payroll process
  • Maintain compliance with accurate, airtight record-keeping

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easy to use

Easy to Use

One tap to clock in, one tap to clock out. That’s it.




Avoid data risk, pay disputes, and compliance issues. You’re covered in the cloud.



Streamline your payroll and operational processes, making payday, less of a “mayday”!

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