Now is the Time to Get Rid of Paper Time Cards For Good

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Using paper time to track employee hours can drain your time and money. You have to deal with time theft, payroll errors and compliance issues. Adopting a digital solution can relieve these pain points.

Read our eBook to learn 5 reasons why your paper time cards have to go, including:

  • Eliminating the need to track down time sheets
  • Never having to decipher illegible handwriting again
  • Reducing your paper reliance
  • Saving time when processing payroll
  • Protecting your company from time theft

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ExakTime’s easy-to-use web-based solution is a powerful choice for your company’s time tracking and workforce management needs. Accurately track remote workers' hours, activities, and GPS location, reducing payroll costs from the first clock-in. ExakTime is the leader in field service and construction GPS time tracking and scheduling.

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